Please join us for our monthly Boosters meetings.

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To shop or donate to Teach School, please visit the Teach Paypal Store.

GL Scrip is an ongoing fundraiser with the potential to raise much-needed funds for our students' educational programs.  Click here to learn how easy it is to use and for the order form .

Meetings and Executive Board

Please view the updated Booster Board as well as Agendas and Minutes of past meetings on the Booster Website at

Support Our School

There are lots of ways to support Teach School! Here are a few easy ways:

Amazon shoppers: Visit and register Teach Booster Club as your charity. Amazon's Smile site has exactly the same products and pricing, but .5% of every purchase goes to the person's registered charity. So, when you need to buy something on Amazon, go to instead! In this program, you just register your payment and grocery store cards and then whenever you use your cards at a participating retailer, the school gets a rebate. To register you just go to and choose Charles E Teach Elementary Booster Club as the organization to support.

Scrip (Gift Cards): With the scrip program, you buy gift cards to pay for things you plan to buy and the school gets a %. The website is If you sign up for Scrip Now, you can get printable gift cards too or you can reload cards that you purchased previously. If you want to get plastic cards, they come in about a week after you order. The Teach Boosters enrollment code is CBDFEF9924L7L. Orders for plastic cards are shipped to the school about every other week. Contact our coordinator Paige Wright if you have any questions at

Also, be sure to visit our Teach Booster Club website and Facebook page to get the latest information on school fundraisers and events.