Parent Resources

Teach School Vision and Mission

Our vision is to empower our students to become innovators, explorers, lifelong learners, and contributors to a diverse global community. The Teach School community (students, parents, and staff) share a commitment to provide rich, varied learning opportunities for all students to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and creatively.

The mission of the Teach Elementary School program is to provide an alternative choice for parents and students in the San Luis Coastal Unified School District. It is designed for students whose needs include a rigorous curriculum, the opportunity for challenge and enrichment, an outlet for creativity and individuality, and an atmosphere that promotes leadership, responsibility, collaboration, and independence. 

Site Council

Our Teach Site Council develops a Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) annually.  Our 2020-21 School Plan can be viewed here.  The Teach Site Council is comprised of 4 staff and 4 parent members.  Meetings are scheduled monthly on Wednesdays after school and are open to the public.

Teach Elementary School Site Council Membership: 



Darla Batistic

Heather Liwanag

Hannah Dodge

Sarah Flickinger

Marianne Emery 

Michele Sioredas

Catie Hughes

Katrina Ackerman

Comprehensive School Safety Plan

According to Education Code 35294.6 (a), each school shall adopt its comprehensive School Safety Plan by March 1, 2000, and shall review and update its plan by March 1st every year thereafter. (b) Commencing in July 2000, and every July thereafter, each school shall report on the status of its school safety plan, including a description of its key elements in the annual school accountability report card prepared pursuant to sections 33126 and 35256.

The 2020-21 Comprehensive School Safety Plan for Teach was reviewed by our School Site Council and was unanimously approved. A copy is provided here for parent information.

Comprehensive Safety Plan

Coffee With the Principal

Our Principal, Mrs. Batistic, is hosting a series of Principal's Coffees this year to provide information to parents and to give parents opportunities to ask questions.  

Last year, we held our first Principal's Coffee Friday, March 15, on the subject of Accelerated Pathways.  Click here to view the presentation.

Online Research and Homework help for Students

Our School District subscribes to and provides many online resources for students that can be used from home computers or devices. They can be easily accessed from the Teach Elementary School Webpage ……..(add this page to your favorites!)

Once on the Teach School homepage choose the RESOURCES from the top ORANGE menu bar. From the RESOURCES drop-down list choose STUDENT RESOURCES.

The first important resource is our Destiny library site. There are many links on our library homepage including typing practice websites, homework help websites and Scholastic SCIENCEFLIX and TRUEFLIX. Students can also search our library catalog.

Both Scholastic SCIENCEFLIX and TRUEFLIX require a specific login to be accessed from home. Your student(s) can get this login info from Teach’s Library Tech Mrs. Larson.

Selecting the CATALOG tab will take you to the library online catalog. Students can logon to this site (upper right corner) with their Novell user/password and can search our library catalog. They can also access our collection of eBooks by going to the Material Type dropdown list and selecting Electronic Book (eBook). We now have 466 eBooks available! Selecting keyword will bring all of them up or you can search by Title, Author, etc.

The ETC PORTAL is another important research tool. From home Students can log in to this website using their school Google account (user/password). The ETC Portal offers World Book Online Encyclopedias, Gale Database resources including Biographies, Science, and History databases, Khan Academy and many other choices- Have fun exploring!

Students or Parents can stop by the library for help in using these resources or you can always contact me.

Teresa Larson, Teach Library Tech,, Ex. 4317